Here’s How To Enjoy The Christmas Holidays Without Going Through Traffic Stress


So after the grueling exams, the holiday season is here again.

You probably had plans to chill non stop all through the holidays, but the thought of traffic in this harmattan is just not enough motivation.

The Uber prices too..

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Look, forget the traffic. Spend your money on some snacks and data, download these movies and snuggle with someone nice. Trust us, you’d enjoy your day better than those not getting bounced at Twist.

 Thor  Ragnarok

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This movie has been out for a while, but not all have seen it, don’t worry, it’s online now. And you won’t be disappointed.

The latest installment in the Marvel cinematic universe tells of, spoiler alert, Thor battling his ambitious sister after their father’s death and the rush to prevent an apocalyptic event dubbed Ragnarok. And yep, his hammer gets destroyed, but he gets to team up with the Hulk!!!

 Justice league

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Yes, it’s out, our favourite heroes from the DC universe finally team up to prevent the end of the world!!!.

So while the movie didn’t go down well with the critics, it sure is fun to see Batman, Wonder woman, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg battle another villain trying to enslave earth. The movie takes place after the events of Batman versus Superman and as believed, someone comes back from the dead.

Happy death day

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Ok this is a horror thriller movie which takes on a new and fun twist to the typical horror genre. The movie is about a girl forced to relive the same day over and over again after she gets killed on the night of her birthday, she can’t move on to the next day until she finds her killer.

Though the movie takes its concept from a comedy movie ‘Groundhog day” , its actually cool and entertaining to watch.

Bad moms Christmas 

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You’ve seen Bad moms, now check out what happens when their own moms come home for Christmas.


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This disaster movie gives us a chilling account when we try to use technology to control the climate.


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Will Smith is back in business!! This urban fantasy thriller is set in a world where humans and magical creatures live together. Will Smith plays an officer who is paired with the first orc (Lord of the Rings)  to join the police force in an America full of racial or should i say species discrimination. They stumble across a magical wand and battle with gangs and corrupt police to protect and send it somewhere safer.

You can check out the cool soundtrack album too!!!


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A fan of childrens horror?

Then this movie adaptation of horror writer Stephen King’s novel is for you. It’s about a bunch of kids battling an evil clown that has been terrorizing their little town.

Star wars: The last Jedi

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Yes the franchise is never going to end⁠⁠⁠⁠!!!!!

Thank us later.


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