4 Important Ways Christmas With Friends is Different From Christmas With Family

For young people, Christmas means more than the birth of Jesus. It is also vacation time and this is  limited to a couple weeks, so the struggle is whether to spend quality time with family or chill out with friends. The decision is about to get harder.

Watching movies with family is fun… okay, I lied. You have to put up with dramatic mums and clueless siblings demanding that you explain the joke or your dad telling you to explain the last five scenes. Your movie options are woefully limited to HOME ALONE, JESUS FILM or CARTOONS

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With friends, your options are unlimited. You can binge-watch entire seasons of your favourite series just lying on your belly and you don’t have to endure any lecture about wasting your life behind a screen.


For the family, it is limited to carols, gospel, and Beethoven. If your family is a bit funky, you will hear a few country tunes not less than 20 years old and probably hiplife tracks that have stopped jamming months ago.

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With friends, you can jam anything at any volume, anywhere. You can have parties with friends with just your laptop and speakers.


Family outings at Christmas are limited to church activities. 24th night, 25th morning, Christmas convention etc. if you are lucky, a trip to the mall or restaurant.

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You can go anywhere with friends: beach party, club, pub, concert etc. even church with friends is a lot more fun.


The best food you can eat at Christmas is with family, mummy will prepare all her award-winning recipes and serve it with love. All the healthy fufu and nkrakra light soup or default rice dishes will be strongly represented.

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Friends don’t have time to try pound fufu and do all the homely stuff. Options include but are not limited to pizza, KFC, and other junk food joints.

The possibilities are endless and of course, the choice is yours. Is it going to be a family distin or jamming with friends? Whichever you decide, we won’t judge you.


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