This Suspicious Instagram Hashtag From Yvonne Nelson’s Baby Daddy Raises A Lot Of Questions

yvonne Nelson & Jamie

Ok Kuulpeeps, we know that most Ghanaians don’t really like Yvonne Nelson’s British baby daddy, Jamie Roberts.

So much so because of all the husband snatching allegations and Jamie being locked up in debts revelations that were published in the media just after Yvonne Nelson confirmed the birth of her daughter.

However, whatever the case might be, it appears the two are really in love.

At least their posts on Instagram does suggest that.

Today, Yvonne Nelson’s photographer baby daddy posted a rather saucy picture of the Ghanaian award-winning actress on his Instagram.

Though we couldn’t take our eyes off Yvonne, his caption of the photo also did catch our attention.

His caption was “My heartbeat ❤️ #tfifriday#yvonnenelson #wifey #yaaasantewaa

My heartbeat ❤️ #tfifriday #yvonnenelson #wifey #yaaasantewaa

A post shared by My Eyes Wide (@myeyeswide) on

Ok, just pause for a moment and forget the “My heartbeat” part and focus on the third hashtag.

So, right now, we have just one question we’d love to ask Yvonne.

“Has he finally proposed?”

There’s no telling whether he has put a ring on the finger yet. At least, she ain’t wearing one in that picture.

Yvonne Nelson’s comment on Jamie’s picture was also very cryptic.

Yvonne Nelson

We are just here with our cup waiting for the tea.

Image result for cup of tea, gif

We will invite you over for some of that cup of tea, you know we don’t like to keep things to ourselves.


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