Christmas Albums You Should Listen To This Christmas

Many people have a playlist of the greatest Christmas songs from across all genres; others just listen to their regular playlists at Christmas.  If you are a music lover, you know how important music is, especially when it gets you in a certain mood. Here is a list of five of the best Christmas albums released this year, to get you into the Christmas mood. You can get them on Amazon, Spotify or iTunes, but if you absolutely must, you can download low-quality versions for free.


A Pentatonix Christmas

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This is a personal favorite, and I love every song on it. The deluxe album was released in October 2016 and has been critically acclaimed by music lovers the world over. It is the ultimate acapella Christmas album. The voices are amazing and together they blend in a soothing harmony, flooding you with all the joy and beauty of Christmas. By now, it’s obvious that I’m biased but I promise you’ll love it.

Sia- Everyday is Christmas

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You’ll surely love this album from Sia. According to the musician, creating the album was easy and fun, and it was done in two weeks. Of course, plenty of great albums were secretly written in two weeks, just like plenty of fine presents were secretly purchased on the eve of December 24. But it’s still like opening a gift where someone’s forgotten to remove the tags.


India.Arie & Joe Sample – Christmas With Friends

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If you love India’s rich voice, you will find this album thrilling, as she invokes good cheer with a fusion of R&B and jazz. Joe Sample, played the piano on four out of the ten songs and the rest are mostly acoustic productions that lend a friendly intimacy to the half-whispered vocals and there was a host of supporting artistes including Brandy.


Ariana Grande – Christmas & Chill

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Even though this album was released in 2015, it is the ultimate pop Christmas album. Who says you can’t have a romantic Christmas? This album title says it all, it’s slow jam, it’s pop, it’s R&B and it’s what we know Ariana for, a certain innocence and sincerity in her voice. This album is highly recommended for a lovers’ Christmas.

Mercyme – Its Christmas

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Tis the season! Fantasia Barrino is giving fans a dose of classic holiday tunes with her new release, Christmas After Midnight. The album was inspired by Fantasia’s grandmother whose birthday was on Christmas day. The album has a little bit of everything, from original songs to renditions of our favorite Christmas tunes and you’ll love it!


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