Is Carved Penis Taking Over The “D”?

Here is a fun fact story you guys would have never thought existed in this Ghana we dey.

Did you guys know that the Sex toy business is a high demand business now? Well according to sources women are now taking their sex toy gadgets to a whole new level, instead of your conventional dildo or vibrator women are now ordering the carved wooden dildo.

Yes! you read it right wooden dildos. Francis (the guy that is carving the wooden penis), started carving the wooden penis after a lady from Belgium requested him to make a wooden penis for her because her electronic dildo was giving her problems and she needed a quick replacement.

Francis said it to0k him three days to research how to carve the wooden penis, after completing his first carving of the penis he gave it to his client who loved it and since then, he has been carving penis for women in Cape Coast and even on university campuses. They order them in boxes!!.

The reasoning behind why these women are purchasing the wooden penis rather than the electronic ones or even engaging with the real penis is that the wooden penis does not transmit sexual diseases; however we hope they know that failing to clean the wooden penis thoroughly can also cause an infection.

Nevertheless to each, it’s own, whatever fits your personality, by all means, do it. We don’t know about you guys but you can count us out with this trend.


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