Fan Vows To Never Marry Because Of Tattoo Of WIzkid

We all have our celebrity crushes, we are all die hard fans of certain celebrities, but the question is… to what extent are you are willing to go for your celebrity crush?

We are not sure about you guys, but for this Nigerian girl, her show of affection for Wizkid definitely is well extreme for our culture, whereas in the western world, it’s normal for fans to tattoo their favourite artists on their bodies.


We live in a society where tattoos are frowned upon, so imagine getting a tattoo for the first time and it’s of a celebrity you never met. Na wa oooo!!.

Some had questions for the girl. People were wondering how she would explain the tattoo to her future husband? Her response was that her love and loyalty to Wizkid is so strong that she doesn’t plan on getting married; she and Wizkid are forever till death do them part.

After the picture went viral, it caught Wizkid’s attention, he then tweeted this message:

Wow sis, we are looking for the kind of love you have for Wizkid in our future husbands.



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