This Is How Mr Eazi Is “Pouring Water” For Those Who Need It

mr eazi guilty beatz

Yesterday was a pretty good one for the Banku master, Mr Eazi.

His latest single Pour Me Water hit 1 million streams and he put up this post on his IG


What caught our eye however, was the sign in the post that read Pour Me Water donated by Team Mr Eazi. God bless you.

And here we were thinking it was just a song but not knowing it was a song with a purpose.

We spoke to his manager, Kafui Sokpe, who confirmed that this was the first of many other boreholes we were going to see.

This very borehole is located in a village in Tamale that doesn’t have access to potable drinking water.

Every time the song Pour Me Water hits a million streams, he is going to dig a borehole in a community that doesn’t have access to potable drinking water.

This is a very laudable effort. You might probably want to share the link around with all of your friends so we hit the next million quickly.



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