Heads Must Roll For This Unforgivable Blunder By BBC Africa

stonebwoy bbc

Everyone by now knows that Stonebwoy has launched his new Album Epistles of Mama (EOM).

A lot of websites and blogs have discussed the new album extensively on their various platforms.

BBCAfrica also decided to own a portion of the conversation about the album.

Now it is very fine if they want to do that, what we won’t take is a case of mistaken identity.


This gentleman does not look like Stonebwoy in any way at all.

Take a very good look at Stonebwoy and go back and take a look at the guy in the picture.

stonebwoy bbc

How does he even look like our Stonebwoy?????

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Obviously, Ghanaians could not keep calm over this……………………..



And even after 18 good hours, they still haven’t taken the tweet down.

Such disrespect!


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