5 Other Things You Can Do With Your iPhone Aside Taking Selfies

You probably got an iPhone because of its camera quality, and your phone is already running out of memory because of all the pictures you took.

Apart from taking countless selfies and using apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp, there are a number of important things you could use your iPhone for.

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The best part is, some of these things could earn you some money. Let’s take a look at some other things you could do with your iPhone aside taking selfies.

Music videos

A couple of music videos have been shot with nothing but an iPhone. Wanlov’s ‘Toto’ music video was shot with an iPhone.


Apart from music videos, iPhones can be used to shoot movies as well. Movies like Romance in NYC, Tangerine and Uneasy Lies The Mind were all shot with an iPhone. The crew of the movies relied on extra equipment to beef up the film quality anyways.


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You can use your iPhone to make dope beats and music tunes. Apps like Garage Band can help you make very good music.


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Your iPhone can also be used to DJ. There are a couple of DJ apps like ‘Edjing Mix’ you can download from the app store. Be that official DJ at that friend’s party with your phone and spread the virus!

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This is the most common use of an iPhone. You don’t necessarily have to take pictures of people, you can try art too. You can buy extra camera lens for your phone so you have a range of options. This can even help you gain some money.

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