Throwback Christmas before we grew up ; 12 Christmas Starter Packs

Y’all remember some exclusive things we used to do during Christmas when we were kids, right? From the knock outs (fireworks) to the Piccadilly biscuits.
Just because we love to give you nostalgic Christmas moments, we have put together a Throwback Christmas kit for you.
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 1. Knock Out (Fireworks) – when we were kids the only time we used fireworks was during the Christmas festivities. We had the rocket fireworks we plant in a heap of sand and light up and the slim tiny ones the hard guys held in their hands till it exploded to show they’re hardcore.
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2. Piccadilly biscuits – Christmas time was when you’ll see lots of Piccadilly products flooding the markets. Our personal favorite was the small round biscuits in two packs in a violet box.
3. Xmas Dress – Every parent saved up to buy their children new clothes for Christmas and every child looked forward to this because the clothes are purchased from stores and boutiques ( Already made ), these clothes and shoes would normally be worn to church or the much anticipated “Bronya party”
4. Growing up in Ghana, every child is expectant of two occasions in a year: their birthday and Bronya. Bronya is the only time mummy will kill a live fowl at home and take out the crate of coke that has been in the store room for a year and ask you to get a refill for the Christmas link up.
5. Fancy Christmas hats – back then, we had these fancy hats we put on during Christmas with a pointed top and a chin strap. Good times. Lol
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 6. Now to the shades 😂 ( sunglasses) – most of us only got to wear sunglasses during Christmas. Mehn, did we feel guy in those. Swagging on the streets like the new street kings.
7. Toys – chale u dey kai the lucky eggs made of chocolate with tiny toys in them? The little toy soldiers in toffee packs and the small collectible race cars? Those were our Christmas treasures.
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8. Aside the coke we got to drink during Christmas, there was another favourite drink. Who can guess the name? Yes, Squash 👅. Used to quench thirst like the fire service. Hahaha, just enjoy the pun in that and let’s move on to the next.
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9. Balloons – we always go to play with balloons during Christmas. We remember the try your luck balloon collection. You pick a number or alphabet and that’s the size of balloon you get. Unfortunately some of us never got the biggest one😞 kudos to those who did. 👏
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10. Danish cookies – y’all remember the Dbee cookies in the blue round container nu? Yes yes those biscuits were delish👌
Never celebrated Christmas without having those.
11. A-mass 🙌 I’m sure this name got you cracking immediately you saw it. There was never Christmas without you seeing some people dressed up like hooligans in masks dancing and going from house to house. Some parents call them to scare their children who are being naughty. N.B they get paid for it. Smart way to make money during Christmas huh.
12. Did you think we forgot about the Disco cambuu? Lmao. No we didn’t. That cambuu that lights up when you stamp your feet on the ground. It glows colors colors like that nu. There is no Christmas outfit that is complete without it.
Now to the extra sauce. The cherry on the topping 😜
Did you ever lose your calendar or lose track of time? Don’t worry you’ll know it’s Christmas time when Gtv starts showing “Home Alone”, a very famous movie series with the star act Macaulay Culkin.
That is when you can be sure it’s Christmas in Ghana.
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