Kanye West Showcases His Yeezy Season 6 In An Uncoventional Way

Last September, we were all wondering why Kanye didn’t showcase his yeezy season 6, but little did we know he had a amazing marketing strategy up his sleeve.

Kanye took using a social media influencer to promote his brand to another level. He had his wife, Kim K West showcase his season 6 collection.

In a span of two days, Kim K wore 16 outfits around calabassass California with a clan of paparazzi following her every move. Once the images hit social media and the internet, kanye released all the products online for preorder.

This stragegy goes down in history as the most pain- free and simplest strategy in fashion history. The question now is can other brands use this “see now buy now paparazzi” strategy and be as successful as Kanye?

Let’s take a look at the outfits Kim Kardashian wore to showcase her husband’s collection.








Each look embodies this years trend – “monochrome”. We are loving each of these looks.


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