This Is How To Join The Shandy Party House, Christmas Edition

We know you might have heard of the Club Shandy Party House by now.

If you haven’t heard of it, read it here.

Now that you know about the Club Shandy Party house, know that the biggest Shandy Party House event is about to happen this Christmas!

We introduce to you Shandy Party House, The Christmas Edition.

Get ready for more drinks, good music and the best time of your life this Christmas.

To get selected for the party, all you have to do is post a picture/video of yourself having fun with your friends while drinking Club Shandy.

While posting the picture, tag @ClubShandyBosoe either on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #ShandyPartyHouse  #Christmas #Bosoe.

It’s that simple!

The first 10 pictures/videos with the most likes stand a chance of selecting 10 more friends to join them in the Shandy Party House.

Grab a bottle of Club Shandy today and tag @ClubShandyBosoe to join the challenge!


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