Here Is What You Need To Know About George Osei, The Guy Who Stabbed The Vandal, Chief Tipsy

Vandal Killer

Just this weekend, a former Chief of Commonwealth Hall was stabbed to death after a hot argument with another guy.

The killer has since been identified as George Osei.

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He’s a drummer at the Bethel Baptist Church, he usually leads praise and worship in his church and is the leader of a group he founded called the spirit filled ministries.

He’s well known for his superb drumming skills, which is why he has been with the Vandals, playing for them for a very long time now and contributing to those beautiful hyped sessions you see wherever they convene.

People close to him have expressed shock at the news of his actions saying that although he is known to be a vibrant young man, he is not one they expected to commit such an atrocity.

One person described him as recently being extra calm, super “spiritual” and full of words of encouragement. The morning of the crime, he shared this message on Whatsapp:

“Dear Lord, our plentiful provider, thank you for the relaxation of green pastures. You quiet our troubled waters and revive our souls. You guide us into the right paths, even in death’s shadow you comfort us. Our heart overflows with your goodness and mercy. May we continue to dwell in your presence today and always in Jesus name.”

He’s currently in police custody and will be taken to court on Tuesday (tomorrow).


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