Here’s A Summary Of Everything That Has Happened In UCC This Semester


Welcome to UCC- the University of Competitive Choice, a term mostly used by lecturers when they want to be sarcastic, it implies that out of the few universities in Ghana, you chose UCC so keep quiet and surfer… OR

Another definition of the school, University of Constant Confusion happens to be the student’s favourite. The semester is almost wrapping up in both of the UCCs above and Kuulpeeps has decided to run down the semester, highlighting on some of the major events that occurred in the school,

Here is how the semester started…

  • The day of reopening was announced, No wait, it got postponed to another date, then that one too got pushed forward until the university finally reopened. As the dates for reopening kept changing, the students who were on vacation had nothing to complain about.
  • The same thing happened with the school fees that was changed almost three times.

You know this story all too well.

  • Freshers arrive – orientation, matriculation…


  • Welcome, Kuulpeeps to UCC, hope you have settled on a definition of the school from the intro

Then we had an

  • Epic ‘’Fresh A Fair’’. Fresh A fair was just amazing at the Oguaa Hall Forecourt.

UCC, Fresh a Fair

Also, remember that picture of a model that got people talking. Well, this it…


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  • There’s graduation and one man emerges tall amongst his graduating colleagues.

We are sure you met Mr. Ebenezer Amoh, the student who graduated with a CGPA of 3.93!

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  • ATL refused to celebrate hall week and Casford’s Hall week got cancelled.

To register their displeasure against the rustication of 22 of their executives following events from their celebration of last semester’s hall week, ATL did not celebrate their hall week.

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Meanwhile, Casfordians were poised to celebrate an ‘’@50 hall week’’, that got cancelled because they embarked on what management referred to as an illegal procession. The hall executives did not want to face the same fate as their ATL colleagues did.

  • UCC rolled out a “free” shuttle service.

UCC, Free Shuttle

  • The free shuttle turned out to be really expensive.

In an ironical twist of events, the free shuttle turned out to be expensive for the SRC.

  • A semester without an incident at Valco Hall, Is that one too a semester?

An alleged gay man is mistaken for a thief and he was mobbed at the Hall.

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An update revealed that the man was set up by the student he had been pursuing.

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That’s our highlights so far amidst the course quizzes and exams, as we barely have just over a month to end this semester, Kuulpeeps will surely update you on any new thing that will happen.


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