These Are The Events That Led To The Stabbing Of The Old Vandal Yesterday

Stabbed Vandal
Chief Tipsy

Just yesterday, an old Vandal, identified as Chief Tipsy was stabbed to death by another guy following a hot argument in a bus which had conveyed them to the funeral of another old Vandal popularly known as Lion.

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The guy who stabbed the Vandal has been identified only as George, a former student of University of Professional Studies (UPSA).

Vandal , UPSA

Sources say that during the funeral, Chief Tipsy, the victim and George got into a fight which was broken up by the other guys. They were forced into different buses to avoid another clash. However, it is alleged that an anonymous person fueled the fight which led to one joining the other at a stop to continue the fight.

Once the bus got to campus, an intoxicated George threatened Chief Tipsy which caused Chief Tipsy to break a bottle as some sort of ‘counter-threat’. Chief Tipsy attacked, missed and he got stabbed with a knife grabbed from the Khebab seller in the hall, by George.

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He, however, sobered up quickly when he realized what he had done and helped take Chief Tipsy to the Hospital.

Stabbed Vandal
Chief Tipsy

George has since been apprehended by the Legon Police and is in their custody.


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