UENR: This How To Better Your GPA Now That Exams Is Here


UENR Kuulpeeps, we are in a home run to Christmas! But like any other race, our hurdle we have to jump is the exams.

Here are 5 ways to ensure you put the ball neatly in the net and you don’t second guess  your grades while you enjoy those celebratory chicken bones:

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First of all get off your bum and revise now!!  Image result for TIRED, GIF

Make sure you get at least 2 hours revision every day before you hit your bed. If you’re an engineering student, You should seriously consider at least 3 hours.

Visit the library. 

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Don’t be shy to use resources you have paid for.  The internet,  textbooks and journals are all at your disposal. Don’t forget to take pictures of the past questions and answer them, well because you never know.

Go to your seniors.

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Ask them for previous midsemester examination papers and quiz papers – the whole shebang. They can tell you where to start from.

Join a study group. 

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These are the golden keys. The peer discussions really commit to memory. Remember to revise your notes before attending study group meeting and dawg unserious group members.

Roll with the class brains

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These guys have been the studying the material so long and so hard they can pretty much predict where the questions will come from with a 60-70% accuracy. Take your chances. Buy them food and stick to them like glue.

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Remember exams are 3 weeks away. To the freshers especially, this is the real deal, make it count!


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