Check Out Shatta Wale’s Reaction After Tic Tac Walked Off The Set Of A Live TV Show Because Shatta’s Video Was Played

tic tac GhOne tv


This might be probably something that has never happened on Ghanaian television ever.

We might probably be wrong so you can correct us, but for someone to walk off the set of a live show in Ghana, this might just be the first.

We are sure you have heard about Tic Tac walking off the set of GH Today on GhOne after Shatta Wale’s video was played during his interview.

For those of you who haven’t seen the video check it out below:

With Shatta Wale’s never-ceasing banter on social media, his reaction to Tic Tac’s drama on social media was something everyone looked forward to considering the fact that he is Shatta Wale.

Now this is where you look for popcorn and a drink and enjoy the MASSIVE PLOT TWIST that just took place.

Shatta Wale did contrary to what we all expected.

After this, we can just say Shatta Wale is just unpredictable. You can never tell how he will react to anything anymore.


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