ATL Hall Wins Court Case Against The University Of Cape Coast

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The Atlantic hall has won its long-standing case against the University Of Cape Coast, as the Cape Coast High Court has ruled in favour of the hall.

atl versus ucc


During the celebration of their 55th Hall week this year, the hall executives allegedly invited their colleagues from the University of Ghana (Commonwealth hall) and  KNUST (the Continentals). Amidst the celebration of the hall week, a fight broke out between the invitees and the Oguaa Hall residents leaving scores of students injured and valuable properties damaged. The ATL hall executives were blamed for the acts of their invitees whom they denied inviting.

atl versus ucc

In a drastic and haste measure to curb student riots and disturbances, the management of the school embarked on what students termed as ‘’rampant rustication’’. This led to the rustication of a number of students including 22 of the hall executives.

About 30 students were affected by the rustication, for partaking in or organizing illegal processions and riots. The 22 ATL hall executives have had their decisions rescinded today 8TH December 2017 at the Cape Coast High Court.


It was ruled that every rusticated student is to receive GHS 10,000 in damages, have their rustication reversed, separate exams conducted for affected students in January and a separate graduation for the affected final year students.

The ATL hall residents and affiliates have welcomed this news with great excitement and joy because of what they believed to be excellent justice by the court.


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