5 Reasons We Hate Wired Headsets

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We can all agree that a phone without earphones isn’t actually a complete phone. But then after you get the earphones, that one sef comes with problems especially the earphones with wires.

Here are 5 reasons why we hate wired headphones.

They Get Tangled!

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It’s so annoying especially if you are in a rush to listen to something, you now have to take time to straighten it because it’s been coiled up and by the time you’re done, you probably would have lost the vim to even listen to whatever it was in the first place.


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Omg, there is nothing more annoying and embarrassing than a shortage in a headphone. You could be listening to music or an audio and it just goes in and out so now you have to adjust or hold it in a certain way before it works.

When the foam falls off

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This is so painful because the foam is there as a cushion so it gets really irritating when it falls off. This is so uncomfortable, it’s like pushing a knife through your ear.

When only one side works

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See when this happens you rock the one ear in and the other out like is normal meanwhile only one side works lol. Stay away from those “let me get the other ear ” people when only one piece works.


The cord is just too short.

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Your movements are always limited especially if the headphone is connected to the laptop.

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