8 UCC Students Who “Wowed” Us This Semester

ucc artists

Entertainment is an undeniable aspect of life. For someone in UCC,  after the numerous quizzes and the stress, it wouldn’t hurt to let your hair loose for a short while. In the University Of Cape Coast, these student artists entertained UCC students the most this semester. Their songs and performances trended the most and they had students singing along to their jams as they performed at major events that happened in the school during the semester.

Rap Dizzle

ucc artists

YEAH you remember singing along to his refix of Sarkodie’s Original, his popular twist of UCC’S anthem to ‘’YI WO SISI MU’’ and his other tracks. Rap Dizzle has been sweeping awards in UCC and at various Tertiary based award events.


ucc artists

Bannor is one amazing rapper who entertained us with his unique style of freestyles filled with jaw dropping punch lines. His song ‘’Akwandobi’’ was such a jam.


Kofi Taylor and Delis

ucc artists

These two are amazing as individual artists and are a bomb as a group.They are really good. They are just such awesome hip-hop heads with most of their productions done by PSYCHO.

Bra Hardness. a.k.a W.P


Another hip-hop gem who entertained us this semester with his unique style of hardcore hip-hop trap music.



ucc artist

This rapper stole the show during the SRC fun night when he literally begged  for time he hadn’t been allotted and did great justice to the time he was  given. He made a name for himself that night.


Sowah Pee

ucc artist

Call him the logoligi rapper. He has a funny name but doesn’t joke when he is on the mic.



ucc artists

This singer does amazing hip life and Asorkpor. His fast rhythm Asorkpor track ‘’YEN BO DAM’’  remains the favorite of many students.


ucc artist

Yes, he is not a music artiste, he is a comedian but as an added bonus and  for the fact that he did amazing this semester we needed to give him an honorary mention. Opana is such a hilarious comedian who made UCC laugh throughout this semester.


Riddick Sax Gh

He isn’t the everyday artiste you would meet at a show, but this dude plays the saxophone like no other on campus. He played at a couple of shows on campus including the Masters Graduation ceremony and everybody loved it.


The semester would probably not have been an exciting one without these individuals.

We cannot wait to see what next semester brings us!









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