Interesting Achimota Traditions – UEW Akoras Spill It All

Welcome to Motown Month peeps!

Y’all know UEW won’t be left out of the Motown Fiesta! Well, we got some Akoras here on campus to share some of their favourite traditions and history of their alma mater and we were “mind-bosted”.

The Kuzinik

Achimota history, when told, will be flawed without the mention of the school mascot, the Kuzinik. The Kuzinik is just a super ugly gargoyle-like wooden piece which was carved supposedly to drive off evil spirits which lurked around in the Achimota forest. These days, the Kuzinik spends its time on a shelf in the Achimota school library.

Grey City of the Outlaws Hill

The Achimota forest during the slave trade era was a popular hideout for runaway slaves, outcasts and criminals before the land was acquired for the setup of the school. Therefore, Achimota School became the grey city situated on the hill for several outlaws…how cool is that?

The various school songs 

Motown perhaps has the most school songs in Ghana. Every Achimotan and Akora is supposed to know how to sing these inspiring songs. From Achimota Mother, Ours, From Gambaga to Accra and host of others. No wonder this school has several professional musicians as alumni.

The boys and girls chants

Achimota has a unique tradition of having final year boys and girls to chant warrior-like and inspiring songs during the school’s Founder’s Day celebrations amidst all the cultural displays from the various regions in Ghana. This tradition is some sort of rite of passage for final year  Achimotans….okay! Now we need to go write the BECE again!

Like living waters to a thirsty land

This slogan of the school is said to inspire every Achimotan who is inducted to be an Akora. The slogan entreats every student to work hard and be a beacon of hope to the failing society….chills, right?

Achimota is obviously a pacesetter in Ghanaian education and they have numerous traditions and stories to tell. Get yourself an Akora friend and they’ll feed you with endless interesting stories of their time Achimota. We out!


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