These Tips From The UEW AES Veep Are Good For Economics Students During This Examination Period

The Association Of Economics Students (AES) is one of the vibrant student associations on campus and they’re always doing their best to be among the best as they are motivated by their motto, “Non Scholae Sed Vitae”, which translates to “Not for school but for life we learn”.

Well, most people think Economics is super difficult and that’s very true – from the calculations to the messy equations, it is understandable if students are quite scared to face Economics papers. No hustle, the AES Vice Presdent, shares these 5 tips that’s goong to get us on the track to our A’s and B’s!!

Your notes, Your guide

Create an overview of your note. Reading isn’t studying, note down a few points as you learn, employ mnemonic techniques (a system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which assists in remembering something) to help you remember complex information.

Past questions are indeed saviours

Get familiar with the layout and format of the lecturer by studying his past questions. Study the format of the questions and not the questions itself.

Watch out! Anxiety Ahead! 

Organise yourself well in the exams hall so as to manage stress and anxiety. Anxiety can cause you to fail. Be prepared, calm down!

Time management is everything in the exams hall

Unfortunately, Economics is full of calculations so you’ve to strategize. Work with speed, allocating time for each question. Carefully read instructions, some questions are very tricky and complicated.

Then you are good to go…

All the best to all the Kuulpeeps Economics students!!


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