John Dumelo Changed A Hawker’s Life With GHS 20.00 Now He’s Embarking On A Seed Sowing Campaign

John Dumelo

Kuulpeeps, John Dumelo is out here preaching to all of us to start sowing seeds.

No, get your mind out of the gutter… it’s not the seed you’re assuming…

“I met a gum seller today and he ran and hugged me…he said earlier this year I bought PK with GHS 20 and asked him to keep the change,” he said in a tweet.

According to John Dumelo, that tip changed this man’s life.

Yeah, you will be amazed what GHS 20 can do to turn someone’s life around.

“It nearly brought tears to my eyes. Sow a seed in someone’s life today…it’s a huge blessing!”

Then Twitter showed Dumelo some love for his rather kind gesture.

Kuulpeep, are you going to sow a seed?


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