Quiz: How Well Do You Know Achimota School

Achimota Senior High School is our high school of the month!

Before you check out other stories about Motown, let’s first test your knowledge of the school.

How many times has Achimota won the National Science and Maths Quiz

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Since its establishment, how many heads has the school had?

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Since its establishment, the school has had 16 heads

What was the first intake of students when the school was established?

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The first intake of six children into the Kindergarten was in 1926

The motto of the school is Ut Omnes Unum Sint, what does this mean?

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The motto of the school is Ut Omnes Unum Sint meaning "That all may be one"

What was the name of the school when it was first set up?

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It was first called the Prince of Wales College

When was the Achimota School founded?

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Achimota School was founded in 1927

Which one of these people isn't a founding father of the school?

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The school was founded in by Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg, Dr. James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey and the Rev. Alexander (Alec) Garden Fraser

Which house was the first ever on campus?

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Aggrey House was the first house on the school campus.

Who was appointed the first Vice Principal of the school?

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Dr. James Aggrey was the first Vice-Principal

How many boarding houses does the school have currently?

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Achimota School has seventeen male and female houses on its Eastern and Western Campuses

Well done Kuulpeep! You're indeed an Akora!

You don't deserve to be an Akora, maybe you should go back to school.

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