Here’s What UCC Students Think Of Motowners.

It’s open season for Achimota on so, Kuulpeeps-UCC sampled views randomly among students of UCC about their views and opinions of their colleagues from Motown.

The opinions shared are interesting, you’d read this through and have a good laugh, or a frown about it depending on your alliance and affiliations.

So here’s what UCC students had to say about Motown:

Some people will always try to claim supremacy; the funny part is, we all know who is ultimately supreme.. and it’s not them…

Bismark, St. Augustine

Aww Motown is Bae; we love em

Abigail and Emelda, Mfanstiman

Most of them are cool, perhaps too cool for my liking

Margaret, Kumasi Wesley Girls

I’ll say they are okay… Motowners are hard to figure.

Justina, Mfanstiman

Deeee– — beeeess . That’s it!

Boakye Agyemang, Accra Academy

Just a bunch of guys benefiting from the goodwill they came to meet ..lately Motown
hasn’t impressed me at all.. especially the ones here ..hohhh!!!

Elsie, Wesley Girls

They are brilliant heads .. that they are

Raymond, Aggrey

Fresh girls and dull boys… Honestly, Motown girls (breaths) wheeeww!!!

Prince, St. John’s

Music heads.. they like playing loud music too much.

Mike, Kumasi High

Those guys… girls and boys I mean, they are always looking dapper

Alvin, St. Johns Grammar

The presidential school. 4 presidents from one school… it’s gotten into their heads! The ones
here always keep talking about how they have produced 4 presidents and all that …tsww it’s
annoying sometimes.

Reginald, Ghana National

Lol I heard Mugabe is a Motowner… hmm that explains it. they are stubborn at heart.

Nana Akosua, Yaa Asantewaa Girls

Motown boys are fearoos but their girls… wow beauty with brains.

Maney, Mfanstipim

I kissed a Motown boy once … I’ll never forget that day!

Gifty, Ola Girls

Date a girl from Motown and at least you will become an MP… they have really tight networks with the big guys.

Johnson, Mfanstipim

So there you have it, UCC students think of their colleagues from Motown as ones who are really rich, quite shy, fluent with the English language and maybe good kissers (guys), and of course, their ladies are some daddy princesses with brains and are just good to die for.


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