Hello Kuulpeeps, Motown Is Our High School Of The Month!

Hello Kuulpeeps, it’s December and Motown is our high school of the month!

Did you know Motown has a swimming pool and is the biggest Senior High school in Ghana?

Get ready to know Motown inside out, this month!!!

If you’re an Akora, be assured to relive all the best moments you had in school.

From interviews with the headmistress to the popular and long serving staff on campus, this month will be nothing else but Motown.

We’ll also be bringing you pictures of every part of the school so you know how beautiful the school is.

There would also be quizzes to determine whether you are a true Mowtowner or whether the school should refund your fees to your parents.

For those of us who didn’t attend the school, we get to learn new things about the school, refresh our memories about what we already know and also tease them about what we have heard about them.

Click here for all the amazing content we have put together for all Mowtowners and all those who secretly want to be Mowtowners.


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