Meet C.M Placca, Motown’s Longest Serving Staff

If you’re reading this, then chances are you know we are celebrating Achimota this month.

Though we tend to meet the Akoras a lot, we don’t normally get to meet the hardworking men and women who make them who they are.

We caught up with the longest serving teacher who is also an Akora himself having attended Achimota School in 1948. He has taught for thirty-two years. He started teaching at Achimota in 1985 as a music teacher but due to the JHS/SHS reforms, music was no longer a compulsory subject so the music teachers had to be moved to new departments.

Kuulpeeps: So what happened after you were moved from the music department?

CMP: I was taken to the Social Studies Department. Most of the teachers who taught music at the time had to move to other departments.

Kuulpeeps: You’ve been here for a very long time; can you share some of the major changes the school has gone through so far?

CMP: There have been a lot of changes in the school so far, from infrastructure to the general psyche of the school. In recent times, Achimota School focuses mostly on academic performance activities instead of extra-curricular activities. Before, it used to be the other way round.

Kuulpeeps: As a music teacher, would you say Achimota has excelled in the music department?

CMP: I would say it has. During my early years of teaching here, music was compulsory and every student was required to learn music. We have also produced a number of students who have excelled in the music sector.

Kuulpeeps: We all know Achimota is a very big school. Can you tell us which part of the school you enjoy being the most?

CMP: I enjoy being in my office, but I also enjoy being at the forecourt of the chapel as it is very serene.

Kuulpeeps: What would you say is the biggest driving force of Achimota.

CMP: Achimota School continues to grow because of the vibrant old student association. Old Achimotans are so passionate about their school so much they undertake both mandatory and optional year group projects yearly from the reconstruction of kitchens and pantries, swimming pools, tennis court and the likes.

Kuulpeeps: Thank you CM Placca for the brief chat.

Mr Placca believes that although the new educational system is beneficial in its own ways, the old system allowed students to have more vast experience from teachers and senior students.


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