Dear Akora, Here Are 8 Amazing Facts About Your New Headmistress

Achimota Headmistress

Hello Motowners, we got up and close to your new headmistress, Mrs Joyce Rosaline Addo and she told us few things.

If you have been wondering to know more about your new headmistress, just keep scrolling down.

Here are some of the facts she shared with us.

She’s an old student of Achimota. She attended Achimota School between the years of 1973 to 1978.

She has been in the education sector for about 36 years now.

Achimota Headmistress

She offered a degree program at the University of Ghana Legon.

Achimota Headmistress

Achimota is the fourth school she’s been appointed as headmistress.

Achimota Headmistress

She’s known to have an open door policy.

Her best place on campus is the Slessor House because it was her house.

Achimota Headmistress

She’s a widow with three illustrious children.

She holds the professional Teachers Certificate A, a degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Education Administration and Management.

Just so you know, your school is in very good hands.


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