Here Are All 17 Boarding Houses Of Achimota And What They Stand For

All 17 houses at Achimota Senior High pay sentimental homage to the school’s own unique history and the struggle of a nation once called the Gold Coast, now Ghana.

In fact, the houses in Achimota school is the best summation of Ghana’s history.

Take a trip through Ghana’s history by knowing about Achimota High School’s 17 students houses.


Cadbury House, a boys’ house, was named after the world-renowned cocoa products’ company Cadbury and Fry Ltd, which has been the School’s benefactor for many years.

Guggisberg House

Guggisberg House is a boys’ house, named after the then governor of the Gold Coast and co-founding father, Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg

OAA House 

O.A.A. “Old Achimotan Association” House was until recently (Robert)Stopford House. The house was named in honour of the alumni and members of the Old Achimotan Association.

Annie Baeta Jiagge (Baeta)

Annie Baeta Jiagge House(formerly House 17), named after the first female justice of the Appeal Court of Ghana

Susan Ofori-Atta (SOA) House 

S.O.A. House (W) (green) formerly House 11, now named after Susanna Ofori-Atta who was the first Ghanaian female doctor

Slessor House 

Slessor is named after the Scottish missionary Mary Slessor.

Kingsley House 

Kingsley House is named after the English explorer Mary Kingsley

McCarthy House 

McCarthy  House is named after Sir Charles McCarthy, a former governor of various British territories in West Africa. This house has undergone three changes.

It was originally the Engineering School then it was converted to a boys’ house. In the late 1990s, it was converted to a girls’ house on the Eastern Compound.

Lugard House 

Lugard House is named after Lord Lugard who was a soldier, a mercenary, an explorer and a colonial administrator

Joyce Aryee House

This house named after Rev. Joyce Aryee, founder of Salt and Light Ministries

Livingstone House

Livingstone house was named after the famous explorer David Livingstone.

Gyamfi House 

Gyamfi House was named after a former student, Gyamfi, a member of the Asante royal family who passed away while he was still in Achimota School.

Clark House 

Clark House, is the girls’ house on the Eastern Compound closest to the girls’ gymnasium. It was named after English missionary Mary Clark.


Aggrey House 

Aggrey named after one of the founding fathers, Dr. James Aggrey


Fraser House

This house was named after Rev. Alexander (Alec) Garden Fraser.

J.E.A. Mills House

This house was named after the late John Evans Atta Mills, former President of the Republic of Ghana


Kwapong House

This house was named after Professor Alexander Kwapong, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, and Vice Rector of the UN University located in Tokyo


  1. “Clark House, is the girls’ house on the Eastern Compound closest to the girls’ gymnasium.” Huh?????? That is what Clark House stands for??? Oh ho! What happened to Mary Clark(e)???


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