This Yvonne Okoro Tweet Is Getting A Lot Of People Talking

Yvonne Okoro

Kuulpeeps, be careful of who you ask to call you on social media…

You can get more than what you asked for.

This advice has come a bit late for this guy who tweets @Driz_CFC though.

Yeah, people ask their celebrities for favours, some are lucky and they get it what they asked for others too not too quiet.

Driz_CFC sent a tweet yesterday to actress and TV host Yvonne Okoro.

The tweet in itself was harmless but if you someone is not your buddy; you don’t use social media to ask them to call you.

Yvonne Okoro ‘politely’ declined the request but offered something else in return…

The reaction to Yvonne’s tweet has been nothing but hilarious:


Hey, Dris-CFC all those hating on you are just jealous… How many of them can say they got an air hug from Yvonne Okoro?

Christmas came early for you dude… You’re special!


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