Going To Visit Your Bae In Legon Just Got Easier

The SRC is pleased to inform students and all you people who have made Legon campus your second home that…The Road from Limann to Nelson Hall is going to be FIXED!!!!!!!



Yeahh that terrible road with the potholes big enough for a cow to hide in! Y’all can agree that you can spend over 2 hours just trying to dodge potholes to go visit a girl in Nelson who will probably call to say “oh I’m not on campus oo”

Before the semester started, the SRC hinted at making plans to start work on the road and tadaaaa!!! Work has started on the road!!


In addition to that, the SRC is negotiating with the Taxi Union on campus to reduce their transportation fares. Yes guys…we all know that GH1.50 from Okponglo to the hall is a bit too much and that “going anywhere on campus is GH 5 cedis” rule is just squeezing our pockets dry especially in this exam period where taking a taxi to the exam venue is your best choice if you want to be on time.

The SRC made this known to the student body earlier today in their usual communiques and promises to let the student body know of any further progress.



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