Quiz: How Well Do You Know Meek Mill


What's the title of Meek Mill's last album?

When was Meek Mill scheduled to come to Ghana?

Why was Meek Mill recently sent back to prison?

On which song did Meek Mill say "When I bought that Aston Martin y'all thought it was rented?

In his hit song 'Monster,' Meek Mill said "The money turns my noodles into ...'

Which of these people did Meek Mill have a recent feud with?

Which of these songs is the odd one out?

All the songs here are Meek Mill's songs except for 'So Sophisticated' which is Rick Ross' song

What does DC stand for in connection to Meek Mill

What's the title of Meek Mill's debut album?

Mill's debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, was released in 2012 under MMG and Warner Bros. Records.

Which of these record labels belongs to Meek Mill?


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