Meet The ‘Obiedo-Ezema Chizzy’, KNUST’s Rising Music Star

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The name sounds like royalty abi?… that’s what it is! This Kuulpeep is an Igwe back in Nigeria. Yes, we know you are shocked – we’re just kidding 😂… but of course, he is a chief in what he does! Chizzy is a promising artiste here in KNUST. If you love Runtown, Wizkid or Davido, then you will surely love Cromie. We hit him up for a chat!

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Hey you, tell us something about Chizzy

Cromie: Okay, my name is Obiedo-Ezema Chizzy, my friends call me Cromie, I’m a third-year student reading BSc. Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics in KNUST. I am this simple guy who loves and has a passion for anything to do with music and art.

Obiedo-Ezema Chizzy

Kuulpeeps KNUST: So Cromie is the music side of you we guess.

Cromie: Yeah, more like it.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Interesting! How did this music vibe start?

Cromie: Erm, I don’t even remember when or how exactly, I remember I used to sing along 50 Cent’s songs when I was barely 7 years old. During that same period, I used to play drums at church “small giant” was the name I learnt I was called then. So I can say my love for music started from there when I was like 10 years old, I used to create songs to flow with the rhythm my hands were making whether on the drums or on a table, then I decided to sit and see if I could put words together to create good music.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Nice… that’s an inborn genius right there. Rap, jazz, RnB, soul, dancehall, blah blah blah…where do you find yourself?

Cromie: I’m not blowing my own horns, but people find me everywhere.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Wow…buh how do you do it? Combining academics and all?

Cromie: God got me, and it’s also a matter of hard work, I set timetables, though sometimes I might not be able to go by it, I make sure I keep both sides balanced.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: That’s good… All we need is balance (ciaga) 😂

Cromie: Hehe man can never be hot bro. Never

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Hahaha… Never! we heard you got your own recording space.

Cromie: Yeah, you see, like I said “PEOPLE FIND ME EVERYWHERE”. I am also a producer, I produce myself and others but mostly, a friend of mine produces me, Yaw Black is his name. We spend a lot of time in the studio which is basically my bedroom. I don’t want to miss any little idea that comes into my head, so I put my studio just close to my bed.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Smart… we believe you already have lots of songs out there.

Cromie: Sure, I am working on an EP, but I will release some singles before I release the EP.

Kuulpeeps: Will that be anytime soon?

Cromie: A soon as possible, just wait for it. ‘Shey Na You’ is one of the singles I will be releasing before the EP, it’s actually the first song.

Obiedo-Ezema Chizzy

Kuulpeeps: Awesome! do well to let us know when you finally release it. What are the plans for your music? Do you see a career there or it’s just for fun?

Cromie: Of course I do see a career there, I see my music crossing boundaries in a few years to come, I see my music and I breaking records and making history – all the way to the top!

Kuulpeeps: That’s what Kuulpeeps do, we make history!! Who is your biggest motivation in music?

Cromie: A lot of people motivate me, my Elder sister motivates me a lot, yeah. Talking about the people doing music professionally, I look up to Don Jazzy, 2baba, Wizkid, Sarkodie, Davido, Stonebwoy. Yaa Pono also motivates me a lot

Kuulpeeps KNUST: As a versatile artist, that’s understandable. If you wanted any of them on your next song who would it be?

Cromie: It’s difficult to choose though, but I would say 2baba. I would also love it if my next song is produced by Don Jazzy.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Let’s push for this to happen Kuulpeeps. We always ask this question and you guys always find a way around it …Please, Mr. Cromie have you grabbed?

Cromie: Grabbed what please? 😊

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Herh! 😂 😂

Cromie: I don’t understand the question?

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Who is this fine ‘gerr’ in your life?

Cromie: Honestly speaking, I got three fine girls in my life, and it’s difficult to choose the main fine girl, but I think my mum is the finest “gerr” amongst the three of them.

Kuulpeeeps KNUST: My brother, we have seen what you are trying to do 😂…

Cromie: Hahaha 😂 😂

Kuulpeeps KNUST: You will get away with it anyway- that’s for another day. Before we wrap up… People have been asking… are you a Ghanaian or a Nigerian?

Cromie: Obiedo-Ezema Chizzy is a Nigerian name alright, but Cromie is from both sides, you barb?

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Ok, so we can safely say you are part Nigerian?

Cromie: Yeah, my Dad is Nigerian

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Nice one. It’s your time to join the Jollof Wars… Ghana Jollof or Nigerian Jollof?

Cromie: I no chop Jollof before.😂 Abeg o

Kuulpeeps KNUST: No no no! Not this time 😂. Be honest, which of the girls did it better?

Cromie: Oh, I’m honest, I no chop Jollof before, bro you see sey I chop jollof before?

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Clearly you have picked Ghana jollof… That’s another win for us Kuulpeeps! Thanks for having us, Cromie. We will surely do this again sometime.

Cromie: Yeah yeah, I remember now, Kenya Jollof be the Jollof wey ih kill me. 😂

So that was it with Cromie, he is a fun guy to be with. Follow him on IG (@chizzycromie) and enjoy his music.

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