If Your Date’s Roommate Doesn’t Like You, Here’s How To Handle It!

In the University, you might not get the chance to stay in the same room with your boyfriend or girlfriend because most hostels don’t allow it or your parents might decide to visit you and you wouldn’t want to experience World War III.

In such a case, you’re stuck with visiting and sharing the privacy of your date’s room with his or her roommate. Now, most of these roommates might be okay and chill with the idea of your constant visitation and sleeping over. Some will even give up their beds for you and your date to have an awesome private time doing the….nasty but then occasionally you’re going to meet the mean roommate who will not like you. There won’t be a smile when you get into the room not to talk about leaving the room so you can do things. That’s why we have put this together for you. You’re going to need this to know best to deal with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s roommate if they are mean to you.

Show you can be nice

There’s a reason why Santa, even though imaginary, is liked by everyone. This is because he comes bearing gifts all the time. Show your date’s roommate you are a nice person by doing something nice. If you’re a girl, how about you let go of the stinginess and fix a soup or stew for your boyfriend and his roommate…please make sure it is tasty otherwise you’ll become a topic for fun after a breakup happens…lol. If you’re a guy, some small grocery or provisions shopping might be that gesture that finally does the trick or taking them out, ordering in food or just bringing chocolate or Cerelac…we hear ladies still love Cerelac. Don’t be stingy, it’s all part of investing in your relationship.

Respect privacy and space

The problem might not be the roommate but you. Yes! Some of us just don’t know when to pull the reins in. Always visiting! Constantly up in their faces. Morning…there…Afternoon…there…. Evening…there and spending the night too. We get that you want to spend time with the love of your life but hey, have a life apart from that relationship. If you can’t have a life, let others do by minimizing your appearances.

Find out their interests and try to enjoy them too.

It might sound weird, but it definitely is a factor. Most times, a person’s roommates are their closest friends and you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of your date’s friend. That is a red flag! Find out from your boyfriend or girlfriend what their roommate enjoys doing and see if you have a common one. If you can’t find any common ground, see if you can enjoy some of them. It could be a TV series they’re into, a sports team they support, one social media they’re really into, the list is endless. Imagine the points you’d score when you bring the new season of their favourite Tv series…

Don’t push it

After trying to get into their good books doesn’t work, just let it go. Not everyone will like you anyways. Just do your best not to overstep your boundaries and move on. You can only do so much to get them to like you.

You can’t underestimate the essence of your date’s roommate or friend in the growth of your relationship. Do good to get into their approved list but don’t stress it! Being a better boyfriend or girlfriend is the most important thing.


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