Out Cry Over Slave Trade in Libya

Since we last posted the story about the slave trade in Libya, it has gotten a lot of media attention from celebrities, pastors and even some presidents, not including Trump. Most posts are calling for people to repost and for those with the power to actually make a change to put their power to use.

Shatta Wale has made a song about the crisis. The song is named LIBYA; it will be released on Monday and will be an all star artists feature.


Our president Nana Akufo-Addo also tweeted about the incident earlier this week.

Bishop TD Jakes also put out a video with a voice over discussing the events going on in Libya and his trip to Cape Coast.

There is also a Disapora protest happening in the US this weekend in New York, in case you have family members there who would like to participate.




Let us all bring our voices together to make a change. We can go on and on about this issue, but if there is no action behind it, all that talk will go in vain.

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