Here Is How These People Won Items Worth GHS 200 With Just GHS 10!!

Heya! Kuulpeeps! Don’t you just like that ‘X’ of yours?


Calm down! We meant X as in Vodafone X but not EX! 😁…lol. So, some Kuulpeeps really did wonders with just GH10!! Yeah! Just GH10!!

…What they did was they signed up on Vodafone cash, made a deposit of 10gh and made a transaction with the 10gh with Vodafone agents on campus.

Most of them won items like Microwaves, Kettles, Game Consoles, Irons, Sandwich makers, Stoves, Fan, Rice cookers, e.t.c.

You can also win some, Kuulpeeps! Just look sharp! It’s just  GH10.


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