To All National Service Personnel, Your November Allowance Will Be GHS 15 Short

Black person with a career

Hey all of you Kuulpeeps who are out there doing amazing things in service to mother Ghana.

Yeah, we know the feeling, National Service dey bore, but it can also worth your while.

Some people land their dream jobs at the company they’ve been posted to.

But hey, we are not going to give you a motivational talk on national service today.

We just want you to know that the government will start deducting GHS 15.00 from your GHS 559 monthly allowance this month.

The GHS 15.00 is premium for an insurance policy.

We know there has been some resistance to this move by the government, but whether you like it or not, it’s going to happen.

The Regional Directors of the National Service Scheme have been directed to do the deduction before your allowance payment voucher is submitted to internal audit.

National Service Allowance

Don’t worry, GHS 544.00 is still a lot of money…lol


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