Donald Trump Mentioned The Libya Crisis Back In 2011. Find Out What He Said

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump is back in the news again!

As much as we all don’t like him, we can’t stop talking about him.

This time around, Trump is in the news because just like the Prophet Elijah, Trump said something that was yet to happen.

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We all remember how the reign of Gaddafi ended in 2011; how he was stripped off power and killed.

It seems a prophet called Donald Trump gave a prophesy of what was gonna happen after his death, but no one payed any attention to him.

Right after Gaddafi was forced out of power, this is the tweet Trump put out.

Even though we hate to say Trump is right, Libya hasn’t been a peaceful place after Gaddafi was murdered.

Today, Libya has become a place of torture, where blacks are being sold as slaves.

Some of these slaves are even killed for their body parts.



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