The Piano Cafe Concert In Memory Of Daniel Kobi


In Ashesi, the Piano Cafe is one of the concerts most students look out for during the course of the semester. This is because they get to relax and dine to sounds from our own Abena, Dzifa Hodey, Sally Sax, Oraking and others. This semester, Piano Cafe season 2 Episode 2 was supposed to be held on Wednesday 15th November 2017, but because lots of events were happening on campus, it was rescheduled.

The programme was rescheduled for the 22nd of November. This time, it was in honor of Daniel Kobi, also known as DKB, a deceased student of the Class of 2020.

On Sunday, Ashesians, mostly members of the class of 2020 received the hardest news they may have to deal with for the rest of their lives. They lost a friend, a brother, best friend, and a bassist. On Wednesday night at 7pm, the MusicXChange Club and Ashesi Chorale, in collaboration with the ASC and the Ashesi Community decided to celebrate the life of our dear brother with a concert. The event was attended by students, staffulty, friends and family of the deceased. The dress code for the event was blue and gold, the two favourite colours of Danny.

This season of the Piano Cafe had members of the class of 2020 and close friends of Danny come and share their memories they had with him. The first band he ever played with for 9 years, Blessed Brothers, were there to honor him with some songs. Danny’s family and friends from high school were there to show their love to their lost friend. Funds which were raised from the concert will be donated to the Heart Foundation which was started by the family of DKB.

It was truly a memorable evening. Rest in peace Danny, your memory will forever live in our hearts.

Excerpts from the DKB Concert


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