7 Types Of People You Will Meet In The Reading Room During Exam Week

Every ‘Legonite’ has been to a study room or reading room as they’re usually called….or at least heard of one. During these serious exam times, you’re definitely going in there every night to study.  So after we spent about 4 complete nights studying for a crazy test, we stumbled upon these very special categories of people in the reading rooms:

1.The serious student

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Only heaven knows where these guys came from.. and you think the science students in high school learn a lot. These guys are the first in the room and the last ones out. (Take note. We’re still talking about night time here). And they would have a large bag with every type of book in there and a laptop with slides. As if that’s not enough. They never sleep.  They will make you ask yourself “what am I doing with my life?


2. The browsers

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These guys have one aim only. The WiFi! They would come with their whole gear; 2 phones, laptop, tablet, iPod, power bank, extension board… A desktop if they have to. And they would browse and download only God knows what throughout the night.

3. The sleeper

I don’t know if these guys don’t have beds or….(no offence). They select a nice quiet cool corner, put a book in front of them and in some few minutes they start snoring their way to dreamland…


4. The observer

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These guys should be recruited by CCTV division of UG security! They are always looking for something! The fly that buzzed past, the person who coughed, the person who entered the room, and you! you will always see their big eyes looking at you. You stretch your neck, they’re looking at you; you pick a book, they are looking at you and they’re usually not even ladies. Stares from a lady would be acceptable but from guys, just too creepy.


5. The security guys

These guys are here to instill law and order in the room (not even professional security). You talk to someone, their eyes will make you zip it. You make more noise than the required number of decibels (according to their measurement), you’re toast, and woe unto you if your phone rings…



6. The couple

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They go to the reading room together, sit next to each other, read for five minutes and start giggling quietly over God knows what. After a couple of minutes, they will definitely leave to buy some snacks, come back, read for 5 seconds and then it’s back to lovey giggly mode.


7.The Phone Presser

They come into the reading room smelling like soap and powder. Obviously, the vim to study dragged them in. They will sit, press their phones for 30 minutes, read for 10minutes, press their phones for an hour then leave.

Their GPA:

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So those are some of the people you may happen to bump into in a UG study room.
Had an experience with one?
Know one that we left out?
Feel free to hit us up!


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