6 Denim DIY Jackets You Can’t Resist

When you hear denim jacket you have a flashback to those boring boxy denim jacket with the pockets on the breast your parents used to make you wear as a child.

But don’t worry we are here to help you get over your Denim phobia, for it’s a new generation of fashionistas and DIY’s (Do It Yourself). There are so many ways to recreate denim jacket and wear it.

Allow us to introduce you the new era of denim designs, let’s take a look shall we.

And they shall become one!!  This is an amazing job of DIY compiling three sets of old denim into a jacket.. so creative!! (Stylernest on ig)

Africa to the world denim  jacket !! Spice it up use your own creative influences and it make it yours. (Renaissanceofficial on ig)

If you are not ready to dive into the more dramatic denim craze you can opt for a simple oversized denim with minimal yet eye catching  details. (Yahanspieces on IG)

Denim oversized jacket

Can’t decide between the acid wash and patch look? Do both! Who said you had to choose? You can do it all baby!!.. (attotetteh on ig)

Still patch crazy? Keep it classic with a bit of patch and distressed denim. (Yahanspieces on ig)

Denim patch jacket

Do you have some unused paint in the house? Grab the paint and bucket and dip that old denim jacket in it to create this 9o’s look. (Stylernest on IG)


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