They Met On Instagram In 2014, Now These Two Are Planning Their Wedding

Joshua Kissi, Instagram

Kuulpeeps, Y’all have got to start taking the DMs serious.

Even if it’s not inside the DM, the fact that you’ve met someone online should be a serious thing, you know.

Meeting someone online is equally important as meeting someone offline.

If for nothing at all, the people you meet on social media go a long way to upping your dating game.

Or yes, you can find love on social media too.

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This Ghanaian creative director and photographer has a personal testimony.

Joshua Kissi, Instagram

Joshua Kissi met his fiance on Instagram in 2014 and three years down the line – they are planning to walk down the aisle.

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He sent what could be his most romantic tweet ever.

“Yesterday: I have too much to be thankful for one spending the rest of my life with this beautiful soul and partner Mekdes — we met via Instagram in 2014 and now we’re starting the journey of life together. Thank you to anyone who poured into us. ❤️💍☝🏿”, his tweet said.

We don’t know if Joshua slid into Mekdes DM, but whatever the situation was, he’s got Instagram to thank for the rest of his love life…lol

Oh, and judging by these photos, Mekdes said; YES!!!!!!

Joshua Kissi, Instagram

Congratulations Joshua and Mekdes, we’ll be watching out for the wedding photos!!!

Joshua Kissi, Instagram

Kuulpeeps, be opened minded. Social media is not full of weird people.

At least you’re on social media right? Some people, genuinely have good intentions!!


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