What To Do When You’re Still Experiencing Pimples In University

Naturally, you should be passed that stage of adolescence where you’re bothered with acne by the time you get to university but we know we have different bodies.

Pimples black face

Just as some people start growing beards in the University, some people still struggle with acne at this time too…and it’s a bummer! Pimples just take away your self-confidence and leave you cowering behind your friends.

Now we’re not saying we’re dermatologists or anything but hey, follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to acne-freedom!

Personal hygiene

Dove, acne

Good personal hygeine is the surest way to a pimple-free life. As we go through our daily activities, our bodies pick up huge amounts of dirt and they need to come off. You should shower at least twice daily or make it three just to be sure. Keep your nails clean and armpit smelling good. Dirt just gives your acne space to multiply. Don’t give them the chance!

Change Your Diet


Ghanaians think food has nothing to do with how the body system works..smh! Fact is, it does. You need to observe how your body reacts to certain foods and plan your diet accordingly. Your acne could just be an allergic reaction from your favourite food. Observe and make changes in your diet. A whole lot of veggies and fruits will do you good.

Get wiping

When you have an acne problem, it’ll be best if you ditch your handkerchief for wet wipes. Wet wipes help clear your face off dirt and skin pathogens. Wipes are disposed of after they are used so it reduces the chances of re-introducing skin bacteria to your face – which the handkerchief does. Just remember to go for non-scented, natural and chemical-free wipes to avoid irritation and allergies.

Leave them alone-have patience 


When dealing with issues of the skin or body, the key point is to give it time. There’s nothing you can do to fasten the process…you just slow it down. Picking, twitching or trying to pop it will just make it worse and cause complications.

Use natural remedies

We understand how eager you’re to get rid of the annoying acne but hey, cut back on the prescription creams and soaps. They contain chemicals which might cause irritation or allergic reactions. Instead, go in for natural remedies like switching your shower gel to black soap, using lemon and lime instead of the chemical scrub and using shea butter other than creams.

Now, we are not saying these tips are foolproof but hey, it’s a step towards the right direction. Mind you, the skin differs from person to person. If you’re stuck making a choice concerning your skin, your best bet would be asking a dermatologist.


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