UEW’s #Kuulspot Of The Week: SAT-C Court

It’s the weekend again!

And we are about to turn up like it’s no one’s business- it actually isn’t though..lol. If you’re thinking of having a turnt up weekend mixed with comfort and quality service, you’re  all sorted – with the plush SAT-C Nightclub.

SAT-C Nightclub is situated  some 5-minutes drive away from Winneba junction on your way to the North Campus. The nightclub has some dapper inner courts where you can get served and get turnt. They also have an outer court if you’re going for the quiet serene night ambience.

Experience SAT-C at it’s best by ordering some of their exclusive cocktails and drinks…we know we had a blast enjoying that Sunrise Mojito and Tokyo Ice-Tea…and the ginger drink compliment from the barman made us feel like total VIPs.

Peeps! Why not give SAT-C Court a try this weekend and get back to us with your reviews? We’re still waiting for your comments though…


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