Here Are 20 Best Tweets From The Week

Yes! We are still alive…Another week *DJ Khaled voice*. How was your week like? Mine was…


Now! The best tweets:

1. Don’t joke with Alhaji Mane

2. Yoruba demons at work…

3. Hahaha! iPhone users can relate

4. Sometimes they make us learn too much…

5. Stay woke! Hyenas everywhere 😂😂

6. Fake friends be like…

7. Be there and be doing #MenAreTrash..


8. Give it up for African parents… highly spiritual.


9.  Change it to an Sd card! LMAO

10. Greenlight oo… Don’t slack.

11. Some people need lashes…

12.  The plain truth

13.  Stick to one partner okay!

14. Then your face go ‘gyimi’ be…

15. Ever experienced a Salad fight?

16. Hit your chest when you say that!

17. Co-Asks?

18. People are so mean!!

19. AH! Shock!

20.Where the real gob3 sellers at?

Enjoy! Your weekend Kuulpeeps!!


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