LEGON: This Is How Vandals Plan To De-Stress Before Exams Start

Things vandals didnt know about themselves

We barely finished writing IAs and all of a sudden, Exams is staring at us in the face laughing loudly and sucking the life out of us!!

Lord knows we are super stressed!!! Vandals have come up with the perfect way to de-stress before exams start and they are are inviting all students who can’t take the stress anymore to come join them.

No, it’s not a drink up and no it has nothing to do with causing trouble.  

The Vandals have personified the stress and tension generated by the end of semester examinations into a character known as Dr Mfodwo.

And no… the name isn’t made up.

Mr. Mfodwo was a former Senior Assistant Registrar of the University of Ghana. (He retired in 1986 and sadly passed away in 2015). His name was identified with examinations by students mainly because he signed all the examination timetables and the results of the examinations.

So now, every semester, right before exams, Vandals create a dummy (Dr. Mfodwo), dress it up as a lecturer and parade it through campus. They end the procession in front of the Balme Library and lash the hell out of the dummy amidst cheers and celebration to signify them defeating stress.

They then say some prayers, invoke blessings on the students and encourage them to study hard and desist from any examination malpractices.

The Vandals explained that the essence of this rite is to drive away fear, stress and any form of insecurity among students so that the exams can be written with a sound mind and heart.

So Kuulpeeps, this Saturday, if you want to witness this Vandals tradition, just be on the lookout for them or join them in front of the Balme library and get ready to lash the stress out of your life!!

We don’t know about you but we need some stress relief…


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