Moving Around This Christmas Is About To Get Easier And “Lit-er”

Christmas is almost here and Lord knows the plans and Susu we’ve made for the many concerts and parties we know for a fact we cannot afford to miss!!!

All the girls-girls and boys-boys will be coming down from the ‘amanorne’ and Y’all know you gotta impress these ’borgers’. Getting around town is going to be stressful and if you don’t have a car ‘dierr yaws’. This is why Enshika is here to give you the most affordable means of getting around with extra benefits!


Enshika is an online booking transport service which provides transport solutions to customers. They are committed to building an online booking service based on the inclusive growth of all their partners, customers and drivers.

The difference between Enshika and other online transport services is that they will be working with brands and corporations to make your Enshika rides way more satisfying than any other.


Customers will be entitled to instant discounts/promotions and you can attain Enshika loyalty points while shopping at some stores using their service.

Since the major focus remains on loyalty, customers get more points as they ride with Enshika.  Enshika points can be redeemed at all partner stores and outlets. Meaning, you can get discounts, etc from just using Enshika regularly.

So imagine if your favourite restaurant has partnered with Enshika… you know what it means? Food discounts and other cool ‘distins’.


With added App features such as the emergency button where a rider can click on in case of emergencies or dangerous situations, a notification will be sent to the rider’s relative or an alternate contact person which the rider sets when signing up for the app, for immediate response.

The “Chat” feature also enables the Driver to communicate with you for any extra information you feel he/she needs to know before you’re picked up.


The “book later” feature like the name suggests, enables riders to check in and enter their destinations for pick up at a later time. This information will be communicated to all drivers around that vicinity and they will be informed of the time frame. Rapid response is sent instantly and the fares are very affordable.


For routine riders, the “favourite locations feature” makes it simple to either “book now” or “book later” since regular routes will be recognized by the app.

And students get 10% discount on rides!


The App will be ready for download on Friday, 24th November 2017 and it will be officially ready for business later. Keep your eyes locked on so you’d be one of the first to get 5cedis off your first Enshika rides!!

In the meantime, follow them on Twitter: @enshikaghana



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