This Is Why Alexander Kwapong Hall’s Organizing Secretary Elect Was Rejected

Kwapong JCR

The semester is almost coming to an end and JCR elections are already being held for students to vote for Student leaders are going to handle their affairs in the subsequent semesters.

Alexander Kwapong Hall just had their elections and it looks like the aftermath hasn’t been smooth sailing for the executive members of the hall.

News reaching Kuulpeeps indicates that the Dean of students is unhappy with the Executive Council and the Electoral Commission of the Hall. This is as a result of petitions that were made to him concerning the eligibility of the organizing secretary-elect. This is because Joojo Abedu- Quarshie’s name was not sent by the Electoral Commission to the Dean’s office – this is a prerequisite for verification and makes one eligible for elections.

Kwapong JCR

Due to this, the Dean wanted the hall to conduct another election, with all the positions contested for again because of this issue but through negotiations with the hall’s management it was finally decided that the only position to be contested again would be that of the said portfolio; the organizing secretary.

In a communique issued by the hall’s EC and publicity committee, it has been confirmed that the election of the Organizing Secretary will be organized early next semester.

However, this new development is not going to affect the plan to hand over power to the other newly elected executives as stipulated by the hall’s constitution.

Hopefully this time, all procedures would be adhered to for a successful handing over ceremony and election.


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