5 Tips On Saving Food As We Approach The Deadly “1983” Weeks

It’s November already and we’re all hyped that soon we’re about to go home…BUT WAIT

Winter is coming and as we get ready to go home and enjoy the festive season, students in universities in the country will go from having a lot of food to experiencing weeks of having to ration food and money because there are limited resources…and it’s like parents go for a meeting and decide not to even pick our calls….huh! The struggle!

Well, seeing how inevitable this period is, we decided to help our dear university Kuulpeeps survive this dark times with 5 simple food tips!

‘Kanzo’ is not ‘kanzo’ till you believe it is

For Y’all that don’t know what kanzo is, it is the relatively burnt part of your rice dish- the part that many university students throw away… It can be reused! Now, when you have kanzo, just gather it in a pot or pan, sprinkle water on it-just enough water to wet it, not soak it. Cover it with a napkin, foil, a plastic rubber or paper and set it on low heat. Now, wait patiently as your kanzo is changed to very edible rice like you know it….THE RICE IS MAGIC..lol

Get your storage bowls out, let’s bankulize!!

Banku in storage is worth more than gold in university. The carbohydrates-filled meal goes with everything and anything and it doesn’t go bad! Tell me, this is not a miracle! As we approach this “wahala” weeks, brethren, thou need to store your banku – winter is coming. Set some few hours of a weekend and prepare your banku in bulk. Cover your balls of blessings with plastic food rubber and store in a cool dry place and reheat for pleasure. This saves you money and time for the exam weeks is approaching.

Drop your pride-ditch jollof for now!

At this point, they should go ahead and make jollof the official national food. It’s always an orgasm-filled time when you’re enjoying your plate of jollof but it just isn’t that time now! Jollof in actual sense wastes stew which could have been used for extra days. All of us can testify to the glory of jollof , but we need to be careful, lest we starve before the semester ends. Enjoy your stew with other foods with hopes of enjoying jollof over the vacation-fair deal, right?

Slow down eating out! Dark Days Ahead!

How nice it is to enjoy already cooked meals when you eat out or have it delivered from a restaurant or chop bar, but you’ve ‘gast’ to stop it! Eating out wastes money and having it delivered is just tempting fate at this stage. When the days of hunger sets in, you’ll thank us for this.

A bowl of shito is a saving grace

In such dark days like these, only a Jon Snow can save students. We get that stews and soups are enjoyable but you can never go wrong with this black pepper sauce. While you still have money, buy a bottle of shito for storage and watch as you trample on your hunger..it will go with the stored banku too o!

Don’t be left hungry as the semester comes to end. Follow these tips and be saved! If you feel like you have more tips you want to share, just hit us up in the comments section.


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