Agbogblo.Shine Initiative Awarded A $6,900 Grant By The Ford Foundation


Kuulpeeps, What’s up?

It’s Okuntakinte and his Agbogblo.Shine Initiative again. So far the project has been going well, and the team is thankful to have donors gradually coming on board.

The Agbogblo.Shine Initiative team is glad to have been awarded a $6,900 grant by the @fordfoundation to provide kids who have to learn on cold hard floors with innovative classroom furniture, which he (Okuntakinte) designed. These stools will go a long way in enhancing their learning experience.

This project is aimed at mitigating child labour and streetism in areas like Agbogbloshie, he says on his Instagram post.

#Let’s Go! 🙏🏿🇬🇭✨


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